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10 sweet family activities for Christmas time

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December has now begun and Christmas is approaching. As my daughter is getting impatient, I am trying to propose to her and her little brothers different family activities for Christmas time. I am looking for activities that are both fun and somewhat educational too. Here is a list of some of our favorite Christmas activities.

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Sweet family activities for Christmas time

Baking Christmas cookies

Children love baking. My daughter and my older son can both help in the kitchen. We prepare the cookie dough together. Later, the children can also help to cut the cookies. We have a sweet cookie cutter set with animals. Once the cookies are baked, the children can decorate them. These are three activities in one! The kitchen does not look great afterwards, though. 

Make banana-chocolate penguins

This is a very lovely recipe. I find it a little difficult for very small children. However, all the children love eating them. You only need bananas, chocolate and smarties.

banana-chocolate pengins
Our banana-chocolate penguins

Go to the Christmas market

In Germany, where we live, this is a very popular German activity. Every town here has its Christmas market. We went to the Frankfurter Christmas market last week-end and it was very funny. There was so much to see! We walked through the colorful market stands and the children could ride a carousel.  The children were very excited about it. We also ate a typical fried sausage at the sausage stand and the children got lollipops too. Finally, we had a look at the nativity scene in the middle of the market.

Read Christmas books

One of our favorite Christmas books is Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas. Tolkien wrote them for his own children and you find in them the same powerful fantasy you can find in his novels.

Build a gingerbread house

We usually buy a gingerbread house set because this is easier. Even with a set, this can be a little tricky though. However, the children are busy for some time and once it is done, they are very proud (even if you are actually the one who did most work).

Write Christmas cards to friends and relatives

The children love drawing so this is a perfect activity for them. They can show their creativity and we have then nice cards to send to family and friends. 

Decorate the Christmas tree

One year, my daughter and I even build our own Christmas tree decorations. It was much fun. I found it looked quite nice too but the next year, my husband insisted on buying real Christmas tree decorations so maybe it did not look that great after all. My daughter still loves decorating the Christmas tree though. We just have to be careful with the boys as they are still a little young to help with the decorations.

Sing Christmas carols

We are singing both French and German Christmas carols. I believe there are more German Christmas carols though. 

Write a letter to Father Christmas

My daughter loves writing letters to Father Christmas. It is really fun. The only problem is that she has much fantasy and that half of the toys on our list cannot be found anywhere. Moreover, real living pokemons do not exist. 

Create a Christmas fairy garden

I never tried this but I am fascinated with fairy garden. I really want to try this one day.


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