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10 relaxing activities for the whole family

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I have just spent a week holiday on the German countryside with my family. My husband and I tried to relax as well as we could with three small children. If you have small children yourself, you know what I mean… I tried to keep working on the blog (even without the Internet) and I thought this would be a good idea to write a list of relaxing activities for the whole family.

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10 relaxing activities for the whole family.

Mandala coloring books

We all know coloring books. This is a widespread activity for children and are now also popular among adults. Mandalas are originally a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism and are supposed to represent the universe. They are used by buddhists as a support for meditation. However, mandala coloring books have nothing to do with religion at all. They are simply supposed to help you and your children to meditate. I found a lovely mandala coloring book with fantastic creatures such as fairies or mermaids for my daughter as well as a mandala coloring book for toddlers for my son. The children loved them. I regret I did not buy one for me because there are very pretty ones for adults.

Reading together

Reading together is one of the most relaxing activities I know. However, to be honest, I find it difficult to read to the three children together. My daughter loves when I am reading a good night story. The boys like when I read to them to, but rather individually.


Yoga is a relaxing and healthy activity for both adults and children. I love yoga. Actually, I have hated sport until I discovered yoga. As a mother, it is difficult to find time for a yoga class, so I am very excited about teaching the kids to do yoga. I have for my daughter a yoga book for kids that we are working together on. However, the boys still have to learn that yoga is not about climbing on mommy’s back. It might still take some time before we can really do yoga all together but I am still very enthusiastic about it.


Meditation is yet another activity that has grown very popular in the last years. It can help you to relax, sleep better, be less stressed and less anxious and generally be more successful in your professional as well as in your personal life. If you are implementing a meditation routine, you can try to involve your spouse and children too, as it can be a very relaxing activity for the whole family.

Writing poetry

If your child begins developing some interest in words and language, you can try to introduce him or her to poetry. My daughter worked on rhymes in kindergarten and with the help of the teacher, each child in the class created a small poem on his or her first name. Since then, my daughter loves finding rhymes and inventing small poems. This is an activity we both enjoy a lot.

Writing a story together

You can write stories with your children even if they are not able to write yet. This is a particularly valuable activity if your child and you are both fond of drawing. My daughter loves drawing. She draws pictures and tell me what I should write/ ask me  the letters of the words she want to write. On the other hand, I find her pictures very inspiring for my own stories. I sometimes ask her if she can draw a picture for one of my stories. It makes her very proud.

Observe the stars together

This is a great activity for the summer holiday. During our holiday on the German countryside, we decided to stay up longer one day to be able to observe the stars. We chose one of those day when my son had one of these much too long naps that make it very difficult to put a child to bed. The children were very excited. They loved it, although they did not manage to observe the stars very long because they were tired.

Have a walk in the nature

Walking in the nature is a great way to relax. First, walking is healthy and a great way to calm yourself when stressed. Second, connecting with nature makes you happier, calmer and more creative. If your children are not that fond of walking, you can put them in their baby stroller if they are small enough, or let them take a roller or a skateboard. 

Mosaic stickers

My children love stickers. And there are really great sticker books for children. Amongst all these stickers books, you can find mosaic sticker books both for little children and for older children/adults. These last books are very pretty.

Cuddle together

By cuddling, you release oxytocin, which helps both to strengthen your relationships and to lower anxiety, stress and pain. You also release serotonin, the hormone of happiness. 

Relaxing activities for the whole family


  • Tina

    These are great tips to get more relaxed. I think the coloring book idea sounds fun! I will have to try that one. Thanks for posting!

    • momslovelearning

      Thanks for your comment. We had only children coloring books during the holiday but coloring books for adults look absolutely lovely. I want to try one someday too.

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