10 reasons why you should learn to code with Python

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Reasons why you should learn Python
Why you should learn Python
Have you ever thought about learning to code? It sometimes sounds like everyone does. Indeed, learning resources are everywhere and many famous people are calling for more people to learn to code.
According to Bill Gates, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”
According to Barack Obama, “We are inundated with technology and I don’t want our young people to just be consumers, I want them to be producers of this technology and to understand it, to feel like they’re controlling it, as opposed to it controlling them.“
I decided to learn to code in October 2017. I created an account with the website Codecademy and I began taking courses. As I was not sure which programming language to learn, I took several of the free courses. This included Python, HTML, CSS, Java, SQL and Javascript. I did not aim to be able to use all of them perfectly but to understand better the differences between them. From all these programming languages, I liked Python best. If you are thinking about learning to code with Python, I listed below 10 reasons to give it a try.

10 reasons why you should learn to code with Python

1) Python is beginner-friendly

Python is one of the easiest language to learn for beginners. Indeed, it is easy to read and write as it is very close to “normal” English.

2) Python is fun

As Python is easy to learn, you can soon write your own small programs. I will show you how to write some very easy funny programs in further blog posts.

3) Python is also great for people who already know other programming languages

Professional programmers are indeed careful to diversify their skills to market themselves better. And Python is the fastest growing major programming language in the world. The website Codecademy noticed an increase of 34% in the number of persons learning Python between January 2017 and January 2018.

4) There are many free resources online for Python learners

I have been using Codecademy which I found great. I only took the free course and already learned a lot. You can also check the website of the MIT as they have a free introduction course to Python. You can also find lists of exercises online.

5) There is a supportive Python online community

I have not had much experience with the Python online community yet but they are known to be very friendly and supportive. This is actually probably the reason why I have not had many contacts with them yet. I always find out that my questions were already asked and answered on Python forums. I have not had to ask for anything yet.

6) Python is valued by companies

I work for a bank. The bank industry is not known to be particularly innovative. Yet, even there, Python is getting very popular. Even the bank’s managing director explained in an interview that he was learning Python!

7) Python is used for data analysis, which is a fast growing field

Python is great to analyze data thanks to data-focused libraries like pandas, NumPy, and matplotlib. Data analysis as supported by Python is now required in many fields from finance to marketing.

8) Python can be used for web development

Thanks to web framework Django, Python is an alternative to web development oriented languages.

9) Python is becoming increasingly popular in growing fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Python is becoming one of the preferred languages for computer science research.

10) Python can help you to earn more money

The average Python developer salary in 2016 was $ 107.000 (after a 2016 study created by and published by That was the second highest salary after Swift developers.

10 reasons why you should learn Python
10 reasons why you should learn to code with python


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